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What can you do in less than 10 seconds?



Probably a few different things, but at least you can fire up your chess app and start a brand new game!

In the old days, we played chess on a board. With physical pieces. Against another human being. Simple as that!

Obviously this is still a viable option, but today there are probably (and I say ‘probably’ just because I can’t back it up with numbers, although I feel quite sure of this!) way more people playing chess online at any given moment!

This is why you want to do the same, and you might have already signed up to if you read my prior post. Now I’m going to detail the app for you! app

First off, the right-hand picture shows what the app symbol looks like. Maybe not the most fashionable or catchy one, but still, it serves its purpose.

You can download the app on any mobile device by searching for “”, which many players have done before you. Here you can read a few comments on what people think of the app.

Now, in all fairness, would not post the worst comments about their app, but when you go to download it, you will see that they have a 4.5/5 star review over 10M+ downloads. So, I think it’s safe to say that people love the app overall!


The home screen

This is what you’ll see when you open up your app and you’re logged in. If you want to start your game within 10 seconds, you simply press the + sign in the bottom right corner, and PLAY right away.

If you want to tailor your challenge on the other hand, you can choose the different settings for your game after you’ve pressed the plus sign. I made a quick walk-through for you on how to start your game, which you can find towards the end of this post. (I would truly appreciate some comments on this video (good or bad), as I haven’t done one of these before, and I want to present things in a good way for whoever reads this)


Daily game (just chillin’, no rush…)

What I have not mentioned in the video below, is the topic of correspondence chess, which I made a thorough review of earlier. Underneath where it says “Live”, you have the option of choosing “Daily” (Daily = Correspondence). This will allow you to play games with a day or more to contemplate your next move.

The Daily option is perfect for someone who doesn’t always know how much time you’ve got on your hands. Maybe you have a job which allows to sit down once in a while, but you have to be alert to things happening around you and being called for sporadically. In this case you might not know if you will have 10 minutes to spare, so the Daily option might be ideal. If you haven’t found a move before someone yells, you simply make your move later on.

In the prior picture, you’ll be able to spot the “Move”-symbol in the very top-right corner. Here you will get a notification whenever you’re opponents have made a move in your correspondence games. This way you don’t have to check the board every time you log in.



Other options on your home screen

As you can see, there are other options then just firing up a game right away on your home screen. You can do tactics training, different lessons on “how to’s”, watch videos, and you have your daily puzzle.

With your free account, you will only have a limited access to these, but you still can do some for free every day. If you want unlimited access, however, you will have to go Premium.

In my opinion – and I think most people would agree when you compare to other applications offering a “Premium” account – the cost of this option is quite cheap. Of course, that’s up to you decide, but I guess I’m entitled to an opinion on it on my own blog… :p

The drop-down menu

In the upper-left hand corner on the home screen (see last section’s picture), you will see a drop-down menu next to the This will present you with a horde of new options.

At first, this might seem overwhelming, but they have layed it out quite neatly, if you ask me. It’s easy to see what your different options are, and you will get used to all of it in no time.

In essence, these menus or options are all the same as I covered in my review. Therefore, I won’t go into too much detail about that here, but feel free to read your eyes out on my other post.


Guide on how to quickly set up your game:


Final thoughts

I use the app on a daily basis, and personally I would give it 5 stars. I’m very happy with it, it has always worked smoothly, and I can get a game up and running whenever I want to.

Like I mention above, I’m one of the ones using the Daily option a lot on this app. Working as a teacher, I will seldom have long breaks, but I will have a lot of shorter walks during the day. Some might not want to “do” anything in these situations, but to saturate my chess needs, I find these moments golden:

I simply whip out my phone, and whilst walking, I’ll have a look to see if I can find the next move. Maybe it’s a simple recapture or moving your king away from a check, which doesn’t take long.

Also, if I’m able to sit down for 5 minutes in the office, I will often times have a look at the daily games. There’s not enough time for a 3+2 game anyway, so the dailies are perfect!


If you’re reading what I’m typing now, it means you’ve read this whole report through – kudos! That also means that you are more than welcome to leave a comment below, either on my writing, good or missing content, or my absolutely divine video…


Enjoy your app-playing,


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2 thoughts on “ app (how to use all features) || [REVIEW]”

  1. Interesting review!
    I have always liked chess and played it from an early age.
    I did not realize that there was an app for playing chess but it sounds fun.
    You have included a lot of helpful information about using this app. I look forward to trying it out soon.
    Thanks for an informative review!

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